ALL THAT IS: Basic Wardrobe Essentials – Part II

Without any further delay, let's just straight back into it. The Wrap dress  This is the most flattering dress shape, suitable for literally ALL body types. The wrap dress can also be worn as lightweight outerwear, if you want to go for that kimono effect.  The Little Black Dress The LBD is a blank slate, the... Continue Reading →


ALL THAT IS: Basic Wardrobe Essentials – Part I

I’ve been meaning to sort my wardrobe out for a very long time now. If there was ever a time to get started on that, it would be now, in the beginning of the year. The truth is, lately I’ve been feeling a little underwhelmed by some of the items of clothing I have now,... Continue Reading →

Is It Morning Already?

And just like that, the holidays are over. Gone are the days of sleeping in and sleeping late. For some of you, the New Year has brought back with it the responsibility of rising before the sun does and going back to work, school or wherever your grind takes you on a daily basis. Reality... Continue Reading →

ALL THAT IS: The Golden Globes 2019

Award season is officially upon us! I love award season. I love the excitement that comes with my favourite movies and TV shows receiving nominations. I love predicting the winners, and of course I love it even more when my faves win. But even more than that, I absolutely love the red carpet (to be... Continue Reading →

ALL THAT IS: Trends of 2018

I have decided to do this post because during the course of this year it dawned on me just how much what's trending dominated a lot of what we did, said, how we acted and what we posted on social media. I may stand corrected, but it feels like 2018 was host to many more... Continue Reading →

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